COYOTE  SPRINGS LABRADORS;         Galen's cell  505-331-7137

Last Update 9-25-16,  call me to get pictures  from my phone.    Home of English Type Cream Labradors.

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Keep your animals healthy and happy with pet puppies from Coyote Springs Labradors in Albuquerque, New Mexico

By keeping owners up to date and informed with every decision regarding the well-being of their puppy, you are assured peace of mind at affordable prices.

All pups from Show Pedigrees and Field Pedigrees  $400 + Taxes in either cash or Check,  as is, Limited Registration, No Guarantees.  Full Registration is another $400.

****some Pups are Available:  Let you know when next litter is whelped after 9-26-16    ***********

012-323-800           1 ready 08-31-16;   Yellow/White           Show Pedigree   Yw     m-0,  f-0

Pepperonni              0 ready 09-13-16;   Black           Show & Field Pedigree   Bw     m-0,  f-1

Sugar Two               8 ready 09-16-16;   Chocolate                Field Pedigree   Cc      m-2,  f-4

**** Pups with Deposits  ******************************************************

012-323-800           0 deposits               Yellow/White          Show Pedigree     Yw    m-0,  f-0

Pepperoni               1 deposits                Black/w       Show & Field Pedigree    Yw     m-0,  f-1k

Sugar Two              6 deposits                Yellow/ White         Show Pedigree    Yw     m-0,  f-0

TO HOLD A PUPPY:       Total pups still availble   m-2.  f-5 choc. females

A $50 non refundable deposit will insure you get a puppy when they are ready.  The picking order is by the Letter's Postage date or the day you come to Coyote Springs Labrador and pay us the $50 or more deposit.

Let us know with your deposit, which -1- litter you want, -2- the sex of the pup and -3- color and -4-  your Name Address Zip code and phone number.  If we happen to be out of the pup's in your color or sex, I will put you on the next litter of pups that matches your request.

Send the $50 or more deposit to:

Galen Roumpf

60 Coyote Springs Rd SE

Albuquerque, NM  87123-9507



  This is one of my male  pups in Lovington, New Mexico.  You just cannot lose getting a labrador puppy but you still have to train them.